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Investment Criteria

Mike Luckwell Venture Capital (MLVC) invests in a wide range of projects. Areas where it is most likely that future investments will be considered are television and the media generally.

Of particular interest are projects involving at least two, and preferably all three, of the following:

1. Television and Media
2. Digital Electronics directly related to television and media
3. The Internet and Telephony
Historically investments have been primarily in the UK and, to a lesser extent, the US. This trend is likely to continue although this does not totally preclude investments elsewhere.

In addition to providing venture capital itself MLVC co-ordinates, and works alongside, other venture capital groups and high net worth individuals to provide funding, where considered appropriate.

MLVC will invest only in projects where strong management is attached. In the early stages of a venture MLVC tends to take an active, rather than a passive, investor role. Growth, coupled to performance to pre-agreed budgets, tends to reduce this to a passive and diminishing role. Customarily MLVC investments involve a material shareholding in any venture and board representation. In addition MLVC has been involved in a number of successful turnarounds, corporate reconstructions, insolvency acquisitions and rescues.

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